Desert Blues in D Mol

The Set Up

A small SEAL recon team has been inserted deep in enemy territory. After having gather vital Intel they are now ready to be exfiltrated under the cover of darkness. As they approach the LZ a large group of Insurgents move into the area. Can the SEALs secure the LZ before the Helo arrives?



The SEAL sniper is quick on the trigger and tries and manges to take out the gunner on the Technical. Unfortunately the return fire from the Insurgents kill his spotter and the Sniper is forced to move to another position. The rest of the SEAL team move up along the north edge of the village while the Insurgents split up with one group move up along  South edge while the rest move down the middle.

Incomming !

As night was fast approaching the Insurgent commander decide to call in a mortar strike before it got to dark, having seen the SEAL moving along some containers on North side he decided to  target them. First the SEAL team move out of the impact are but then due to sheer dumb luck they wander right into mortar strike as the round begin to land.

End Game

With the SEAL suffering heavy casualties we decide to call the game. As night fall and the remaining SEALs are exfiltrated.

Result: Major Propaganda  Victory to the Insurgents although they did not capture a SEAL alive dead american soldiers make good for good propaganda videos.

Specter is a very nice and clean system a couple of more games and I will have the mechanics down.

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