“Panoplies are a combination of 3d printer and nanoforge, they are were made by Apleh to help bring it bounties to Humankind. They are found throughout the Human Sphere and were originally designed to supply civilians with cheap household items.

But at some point malicious code were introduced into the system enabling those with the correct software key to build weapons, whispers in Bakunin Tech-bars talk about a rogue A.I or a Operativ of the Reverent Moira’s tampering with the code and uploading a basic imprint of It/her self to  system starting a software “war” inside the controlling the Panoplies. What is known is that the software key to make weapons are now widely distributed but you are no longer able to chose what weapon or equipment you get.

While most of the Panoply are retired a few remained inside the armories of the various powers or in some of the more dubious neighborhoods in the Human Sphere.”

Short excerpt from “The Nomades Cookbook” on Arachne 

So I made a Panoply to use as a Objective the Prototype is finished now to make three more.


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