Operation Broken Seas (Black Ops AAR)

A SEAL wounded in combat has been captured by the Al Nursa Front (ANF). SIGINT indicated that he is being held by a small group of fighter that have taken over the village of Al-Seba, where they are waiting for a convoy to take their to the groups HQ.  INTEL indicates that there are still civilians in the village.

SEAL Team Bravo will move in after dark to locate and rescue the  wounded SEAL. [Overview of the forces BlackOPs ]

The Seal Team inserted to the north-east of the village and approached through the cornfield will the sniper (Bad Karma) took up a position behind a stone wall to the east of the village. A first every thing went smoothly. The SEAL’s approached the nearest house to check it while Bad Karma was on over-watch in case the guard on the nearby roof got suspicious.  The ANF Guards patrolled the village, a civilian by the south roadblock caught the interest of the guards and several of them turned their attention that towards the south.

The SEAL’s  moved quickly and silently secured the first house. But then things began to go bad, a old man in with a shovel started making a a ruckus which alerted the guard on the roof. As the SEAL turned the corner they drew their silenced pistols and took out the guard, but with his dying breath he fire a salvo into one of the SEAL’s, who the medic promptly declared dead.  While this exchange of fire didn’t raise much of a concern from the ANF Commander, it did however cause him to withdraw on of the perimiter patrols. Bringing  a car with two fighters (on armed with a RPG) into the village.

Things began to move quickly now the SEAL’s move towards the second hose while Bad Karma tried to take out the Guard in the middle of the road, unfortunately he failed and the guard began to shout.  The Guards in the car added also became suspicious, the disturbance in the village had finally gotten through to the commander and the started to react [The commander was revealed and placed on the board]. Fortunately the SEAL’s had now located the prisoner and killed the ANF Guard in the house.

With the liberation of the prisoner, the SEAL’s had caused enough noise to convince the ANF Commander that the village was under attack [The Stealth portion of the game was over] and he sounded the alarm. This caused Achmed with his GPMG to run toward the cars the protect his new BMW, a ANF Guard stuck his head around the corner of south most building and fired his AK sending two!!! of the unbelievers to their maker [and insanely lucky shoot hit two of the SEAL and with some bad luck on their amour saves they went down]. Bad Karma opens up on Achmed but fails to kill him. The SEAL’s are now caught between a rock and a hard place with the Lt. Curran and the former prisoner inside the house and two more wounded or dead.

Lt. Curran exits the house with the former prisoner in tow while Bad Karma tries to hold of the ANF Guards, who in turn try to take him out using the RPG. Lt. Curran is then swamped by the ANF Guard who has decided that two SEAL prisoners is better than one. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, the SEAL’s retreat towards their extraction zone.

Result: Pyrrhic Victory for the SEAL as they lost three man rescuing one.

The Game was a lot of fun, with the Stealth mechanic working pretty well, a couple of game more and the rules will be easier to remember.


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