After Action Report – Jerries in the hedgerow

So we played another game of Bolt Action. We decided to replay the scenario from last month (Hegderow Hell) though this time we did not use the rules for fog.

June 8 1944, 0800 hours somewhere south of Omaha beach about 3 km southeast of Trevieres, elements of the 352. Infanterie-Division use the heavy fog to launch a counter attack against the american lines. A squad of G.I.s from the 1st Infantry Division are holed up in a destroyed farm. It is up to them to hold the line.

The action starts with the German rushing up to the hedgerow to gain some cover while the American mortar team shifts to a better firing position. The first blood goes to the American Bazooka team that kills one of the Germans that man the MMG. The German tries to put down some smoke cover but fails to hit the target.

The German response is quick and merciless. The next turn the Bazooka team is wiped out in a assault by one of the German squads (Squad 1). However this leaves the squad open to massive fire from the American squad and Sgt. Rock.

Next the second German squad move up and assaults Sgt. Rock who has taken shelter the ruined farm house, he goes down fighting. Meanwhile the American squad falls back to the cover the garden wall. Some fire are exchanged between the Germans in the farm and the Americans, while the American Sgt. tires to rally his squad. They have taken a lot of pin makers in the last two rounds affecting their performance.

The American mortar team finally manage to get their mortar zeroed in, hitting the Germans in the farm. Mean while the German mortar team have manage to lay down some smoke, hiding the remains of Squad 1.

While the situation for the american are dire, there is still hope for defeating the Germans. All they have to do, is to rally while the Mortar team rain down the fire. However it is not to be. The German mortar team manages to zero in on the Americans hiding behind the garden wall. They score a hit killing two GI’s causing the already shaken squad to loose its nerve and retreat.



This game was very closely fought and great fun. I had thought that removing the fog would really allow the mortars to affect the battle but in the end it only played a small role.

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