After Action Report – Hedgerow Hell

So we recently played a game of Bolt Action. It was a pretty fun and fast game. We played a scenario from Skirmish  Campaigns called Hedgerow Hell

June 8 1944, 0800 hours somewhere south of Omaha beach, about 3 km southeast of Trevieres, elements of the 352. Infanterie-Division use the heavy fog to launch a counter attack against the american lines. A squad of G.I.s from the 1st Infantry Division are holed up in a destroyed farm. It is up to them to hold the line.


The Germans start the assault by rushing forward covered by the fog. The Americans know that there are something out there but can not see it so they ready their weapons and wait, ready to shoot as soon as they see a German helmet.

The next round start with the fog lifting a little and revealing the  German troops. The US. mortar team desperately tries to hit the Germans before they come to close, while Sgt. Rock using the .50cal on the disabled Sherman to fire at the German MMG team as they move in to position in the orchard. The Germans in the cornfield move up and in a hail of fire destroy the US. bazooka team that has taken up position at the entrance of the field.

The Germans seize the initiative and press the attack on the US mortar team forcing it out of the field and reducing it to just one man, before destroying it on the following turn. In the center the German MMG team exchange fire with Sgt. Rock on the Sherman, while on the right the Germans move up to the entrance to the field exchanging fire with the US troops in the farm.

With the fog burning off fast the Germans decide to end the battle as quick as possible before US air power can change the battle. On the right flank, the Germans the moved out into the open, braving US fire. While the German MMG still fail to kill Sgt. Rock on the left flank the German have now killed the last member of the Mortar team and have positioned them self so that they can out flank Sgt. Rock.

As the US. lose the initiative in the battle. They are now faced with a German squad entering the ruined farm trying to force them out in vicious hand-to-hand struggle that ends with the Americans driven of and destroyed. (We each had to roll 12 dice hitting on 4+ the one with most hits won. My opponent rolled better than me).

With the farm in German hands and only Sgt. Rock still on the field we declare a German victory.

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