You win some and you Draw some…

So I got a good gaming grove going right now. This past weekend I got to play two games. Both games was against HaqqIslam but played by different players. In one game I played my Combined Army and in the other I played my Ariadna army which has recently been augmented by the USAriadna Army Pack.

Game 1: Combined Army Vs. HaqqIslam

We played one of new missions from the USAriadna Army Pack called Master Key. A group of buildings sat in the center of the table and we had to secure the various doorways leading into the buildings. It was a very fun mission that required some thought about how you approach the objectives.

The game was extremely closely fought. With my opponent seizing a early lead, the game quickly turned into me trying to figure out how my Umbra Legate could secure a lot of objectives. Then in the last round my Witch-Soldier  saved the day as he was able to approach the center of the table and lay out a protective smoke screen enabling my Umbra Legate to secure the objectives in peace. The game ended with a 5-4 victory for me.


Game 2: Ariadna Vs. HaqqIslam

This time we played the Supplies mission from the ITS. This game was also very close. My opponent won the roll and decided that he would take the deployment, leaving me with the initiative. Fortunately my army include several Impetuous Troop, so is well suited to take the initiative, unfortunately my opponent had several snipers that covered a good chunk of the table and all the approaches to the objectives.

So my first objective was to remove one or both of his snipers and get rid of an annoying camo token placed on a building in the middle of the table.  The camo token was easily handled by a combination of the Devil Dog K9 unit and a Spetsnaz sniper. Then came the turn to get rid of the Lasiq Sniper and the Govad Sniper. The spetsnaz moved into position exposing him to fire from both the Lasiq and the Govad. He took a shot at each of them, killing the Lasiq but was killed by the Govads return fire. Using my last orders I was able to run my Maverick up to one of the Supply Crates and take the goodies from it and run back towards my deployment zone.

In his turn my opponent spent a lot of time killing my troops trying to get close to the objectives. “Fortunately”  for me he was only able to accomplice one of those one of those and that was killing my troops. The Govad sniper was simply unstoppable and the Asawira was able to gun down my “dog” handler.

In my second turn my troop rooster was severely diminished and I spent most of the round trying to consolidate my hold on the battlefield. The most notable success came when I was able to kill a Janissary Doctor that was trying to reach a objective but the brave Chasseur who did it was killed by the return fire. Another thing that happened was that my dog-face leap unto a building and receiving a horrid amount of fire. Luckily he was only wounded but now he was nearly twice as big exposing him to even more fire. Realizing how exposed his position was, I declared a jump down of the roof towards the enemy. He was predictably meet by a torrent of fire. Now I had to decide what I would do with the last short skill of the order; I could try to shoot some of the enemy with my Chainrifle or throw a smoke grenade trying to avoid the incoming fire. I choose to throw smoke as I felt the chainrifle would be out of range (a fact I was right in as checked afterwards) but I failed miserably and my Dog-Warrior was gunned down. (Avoiding any pun about streets and dogs here). A third option has occurred to me while writing this: The Dog-Warrior could have tossed a normal grenade catching a small group Light Infantry hiding behind a rock-formation. Had I done that, there is a chance that I could have killed the Ghulam Forward observer who would be so important in a moment.

My opponents second turn was mostly spent trying to get to the objective. After clearing the path of any resistance, the before mentioned Ghulam Forward Observer made a heroic run for one of the supply coffins and cracked it open, and then slinking away with his ill-gotten gains.

Now it was the start of my third turn and my forces had taken such a beating that I felt that I should check if I was in Retreat!, which I was. So after my round the game would end. I quickly looked over my options and concluded that I would not be able to reach any of my Classified Objectives and the last objective was also out of reach so the game ended 1-1.

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