The Week in Review – Painting, lot of painting

Well this will be a short post. I didn’t play any games in the past week, but I spent a lot of time painting. First up is William Wallace, a 3rd Highlander Grey and Wulver for Infinity. More precisely for the Ariadna faction. This means that I only got 6 unpainted models for that faction, at least until I get my USAriadna Army Box. The 3rd Highlander Grey is a conversion so that I have a Rifle profile.

Next up is a couple of murder-monkeys also known as Morats, these are for the Combined Army. Until now my Combine army have mostly consisted of  E.I troops and Shasvastii troop but now I have some Dâturazi Witch-Soldiers – brutal and as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face.

The last model painted is a conversion, like the 3rd Highlander Grey. It is a Authorized Bounty Hunter, one of my favorite troops in Infinity. This model is equipped with a HMG, why you would need that as bounty hunter, I don’t know but I doubt there are many who would not come quietly when they are staring down barrel of a machine-gun.

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