A Month in Review – A slow time

So it has been a month since I made a Week in Review post. So what has been going on? Mostly R.L. but in the last couple of weeks I have managed to get some paint on some miniatures and got to play some games.

First up is some vehicles for Bolt Action, so my Americans are all most ready for some action. I am still considering if there should be some more weathering on the vehicles.

Next up is Infinity. I managed to paint some Yu Jing, – more specifically a Yãn Huô with dual missile launchers and  a Wèbing Yáokòng (a remote). For my Combined Army I finished a Unidron with a K1-Combi Rifle and Ko Dali.

On the game front there has been a lot of activity with two games and a tournament.

Combine Army Vs JSA [Supplies]

In this game I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. After the first two rounds where the game was very much in my favor, I ended my third round with the two models carrying the objectives exposed, a fact that my opponent was quick to capitalize on. So the game ended with a defeat to me.

Combined Army Vs  Bakunin [Seize The Antenna]

This was a win for me. I would like to claim all the credit for this but some of the credit most go to my opponents dice which were on my side. The two most memorable things about the game was: When I deployed, I realized that the Charontid profile I had chosen, did not have MSV lv 3 -a fact that I had overlooked and my opponent fielded a force made up all most entirely of Moira’s. The second most memorable thing was that my Charontid got to try out his Spesistor on a Reverend Moira.

Westcoast Confrontation [Tournament in Esbjerg]

Okay this went badly, so I secured my self a last place but other wise it was a good tournament, a good spread in the missions and good sportsmanship all around. The only thing that could be better was more time to set up for the first game.

Game 1 : Combined Army Vs HaqqIslam

The mission was Supplies and the game was fairly even with a incredible number of armour rolls passed on both sides. Unfortunately due to time we only got to play two rounds, which I feel that that may have impacted on my defeat. But other wise a good game where I was forced to think outside the box.

Game 2: Combined Army Vs Ariadna

This time the mission was Seize the Antenna and I got my ass handed to me. Loosing 0-10 and 1/3 my army. Some things I learned from this defeat: Mirage 5 team is crazy! I have used Dog Warriors myself many times but this was the first time I was on the receiving end of one… Ouch!! Like the first game we only played two rounds. At the time I thought that this may have affected my final score but now in hindsight I think that I was just outplayed.

Game 3: Combined Army Vs Nomads.

Finally a win, – the mission was Supremacy and the game was fairly straight forward. I had first turn and I was able to keep the pressure on my opponent, keeping him confined to his side of the table while taking the lead. A lot of it was do to my Charontid that at 79 points was enough to secure me a quadrant by itself.


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