The Week in Review – Some Infinity models and I take the airbrush out for a spin

First I finished some Infinity models. The first model was an Oniwaban, – then came a Treitak Spec-ops which is the first Morat model I have painted for my Combined Army. The plan is to use him as a proxy for the Kurgat with Boarding Shotgun or as a Rodok . The last model I painted for Infinity this week was the Tank Hunter with an AP HMG, a nice and dangerous addition to my rapidly growing Ariadna forces.

Next I broke out my airbrush. It has been a long time since it has been used last and I haven’t quite mastered it yet but I’m getting there. The first project for my airbrush was some scratch built containers for Infinity but I ran in to some problems when the primer I used began to peel of, so the project is sidelined for now.

Instead I assembled an M8 Greyhound scout car for my Americans. I’m pretty happy with the result. The Greyhound will not help my against the big German tanks but it still has its place on the battle field. Now I just need to finish some more terrain and I’m ready for some Bolt Action.

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