The Week in Review – A couple of models and three games.

Well I finished painting a couple miniatures more this week, this time it was for my Combined Army. So say hello to the fabulous Dr. Worm (a Med-Tech Obisdian Mechanoid) and his entourage (Slave drones), then it was on to their big brother a Charontid armed with a HMG. The last model I painted was a Dozer field engineer.

The Games

Saturday I managed to get three games in, unfortunately the gods of war did not smile upon me so I lost all three games but it was still fun and that’s the main thing. A combination of bad rolls and questionable decisions and skilled opponents let to the defeats and the bad luck didn’t stop at the table top. My phone ran out of power, so I was not able to document my defeats properly.

Game 1 – Imperial Secret Service Vs. Tohaa

We played the Cold Sleep Mission from the ITS.  This was my first battle against Tohaa, it was also my worst defeat. A risky deployment and some bad rolls in the start had me on the back-foot the entire game.

Game 2 – Imperial Secret Service Vs. Japanese Sectorial Army

This time my ISS force meet the terrorists from the JSA. Although I lost, I felt that this game was closer fought than the first. We used the same table and mission but this time I took a three man fire team of Crane Rank Imperial Agents and I must admit that they did okay. The two most memorable things of the game was: One, when my opponent use all his Command Tokens to move some extra Keisotsu up and form them in to a five man fireteam, only to have the link leader get crit’ed. Two when my Crane rank survived two hits from a Oniwaban so that I could move a second Crane Rank up and kill the Oniwaban in close combat.

Game 3 – Combined Army Vs PanOceania

Same mission and board as the last two, so I tried something different and still lost. But while it lacked the suspense of the second battle it was I feel the closest. The only truly memorable thing was when Ko Dali opened a door and unloaded her Assault Pistols against a Nisse only to have the Nisse kill her with its Light Shotgun.


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